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PLEASE NOTE: Hours have changed!

As I am settling in and LOVING my new studio location, I am also adjusting my hours.  I have accepted an incredible opportunity to rejoin the design world, but unwilling to fully part with massage, I will continue to see current and new clients two Sunday's a month.  I understand this isn't the most convenient for my clients, so if you are currently a client that would like a reference for a great local therapist, please reach out.  I have vetted a few and have multiple recommendations base on your specific needs. However, if you would like to continue as my client, I would LOVE to have you.  Please do schedule as soon as possible because time slots do fill up quickly!


There are many different styles of massage and there is not one style that fits all clients.  My bodywork is rooted in the understanding that many of our chronic tensions stem from chronic stress and over-stimulation.  Many of us encounter daily stresses that continue to build, taking a damaging toll on our bodies. We tend to store these daily stresses in certain areas of the body.  Without addressing the mental and emotional stress, the body will continue to hold tension.  Massage is one of the quickest ways to reduce stress, relax the nervous system and get the body and mind back in balance.  It is my goal to provide a place of respite and relaxation for my clients; a place to find health beyond the chaos.  In particular, my bodywork tends to be on the more relaxing side where deeper work or Cupping therapy can be integrated to release tight muscles.  It is my practice to nurture the body to encourage relaxation, not beat it into submission.  If you prefer smooth, relaxing, and sometimes deep and slow bodywork, I may be the massage therapist for you.

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